The Castleton Story

A Rich History Dating Back to the 1800’s

The Castleton Story

Castleton overlooks Dominica’s great central valley which was made accessible to wheeled transport through the building of the Imperial Road under the stewardship of the colonial governor Hesketh Bell in the late 1800s. This also made large tracts of Crown Land (of which Castleton was a part) available for cultivation and development.

View from Castleton Estate

Foundations of buildings erected during that era exist on the property today.  Below are the remains of a cottage from the Bell era which served over the decades variously as the main residence of the property, a store and a school house:

Unusual Flowers and Rare Orchids

The estate’s current structures and configuration date to the late 1940s when the previous owners arrived from war-torn Europe with little but a yearning for a peaceful life in a beautiful place. They settled on the Castleton property and farmed there contentedly for the rest of their lives; they are buried in a small graveyard on the estate.  Over the course of their nearly 50 years at Castleton they created a unique botanical garden.  Among their horticultural accomplishments was the selection and crossbreeding of anthurium stocks to produce a ‘black’ anthurium (pictured below left).

They found many native orchids and bromeliads on the property and through the years acquired orchid and bromeliad stock from South and Central America as well as a few orchids from Southeast Asia (photo second left).  And they acquired a variety of other unusual flowering plants from around the world.


Castelton Today and Into the Future

The present owner has, for the past 18 years, tried to honor and preserve that legacy. Mindful of the Estate’s location,  he has tried to protect the property from encroaching development, since it serves as a buffer to the national park.

The property is especially suitable for several types of business or endeavors:

  • Eco-tourism projects
  • Sustainable living
  • Organic farming
  • A retirement home
  • A spiritual or nature retreat

Additional adjoining property is available.