Property Details

The Property at Castleton Estate



The House & Outbuildings

Main House

The modest house was built of masonry with timber rafters in about 1950. The front verandah has a spectacular view overlooking Dominica’s central valley, sweeping up to Morne Diablotin, the highest peak on the island.

The Main House has the following features:

  • Spacious Living Room that opens onto verandahs, front and back
  • Old-fashioned Kitchen with a generous-sized pantry
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms

The house, though fully wired, still has the original gas-light system. The house is solid and has withstood many storms untroubled, but it needs work.

House Interior


There are several out-buildings including a small one room cottage (which has electric hook-up but no plumbing).

The Land

The property for sale at Castleton Estate  includes 31 acres, about 15 of which are cultivated.

Additional acreage is also available for sale.

Price Range
The asking price for this 31-acre lot of land is US $850,000.

The green outline below represents the 31 acres currently available for sale. The red line is the Transinsular Road.

For an interactive look at Castleton Estate,  download this Google Earth Place Locator (KMZ File) – CastletonEstate.kmz  (After downloading  to your computer, click on the file to open it Google Earth.)

See our Location page for more information about Castleton’s location within Dominica.

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The Surrounding Rainforest

There is a deep connection to nature at Castleton.  Less than half the property is cultivated and the remainder is dense, majestic rainforest (much of it untouched), stretching up into the vast Trois Pitons National Park behind the house. The property contains an array of plant species and animal species which, to this day, remains incompletely identified and catalogued. As habitat diminishes, these species become increasingly endangered, and the need to protect them becomes more urgent.  Among the most readily observable animals are populations of birds, including the colorful native Jacquot parrot, as well as manicou (native opossum), agouti, land crabs, bats and tete chien (the native boa constrictor).

The Garden

The cultivated areas of this tropical rainforest property contain an extraordinary variety of fruiting and flowering trees and shrubs, as well as unique flowers.



Among the fruits to be found on the Estate are:  grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, guava, avocado, coconut, banana, cocoa, sapodilla, carambola, malay apple, mangosteen, custard apple, soursop and loquat.

Spices & Herbs

There are also spices and fragrant herbs:  cinnamon, nutmeg, bay rum, patchouli, vetivert, ylang-ylang and vanilla, and a host of unusual flowering plants, including Empress tree, Queen plant, cassia, anthurium, many varieties of ginger lilly and heliconia and a rare collection of orchids and bromeliads.


The micro-ecosystem in which the property is located – with its abundant rainfall, plentiful sunshine, warm days and cool nights allows for the cultivation side-by-side of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate plants which seldom can be grown near one another.