Castleton Estate is located on Dominica’s main cross-island route, the TransInsular or Imperial Road. While the property exudes a peaceful ambiance, it is not remote or off-the-grid.
Location, location, location!


Water Security & Other Benefits of Castleton

Unlike many secluded rainforest retreats, Castleton Estate has several unique benefits: superb access, full connection to utilities, and water security!

* Superb Access

The property is about a 25-minute drive from the capital city Roseau.

* Fully ConnecteD TO UTILITIES

The Estate has access to all utilities including electricity from DOMLEC, telephone, cable tv, and internet services.

* Water Security

An important feature of Castleton is its abundant water supply. The property has two water sources:

  • A natural spring immediately behind the house.
  • A small river which arises in the national park nearby and flows through the property.

While the property does not currently have piped water from DOWASCO, it will be connected to the island water supply within the next year.

View Castleton Estate on Google Earth


For an interactive look at Castleton Estate,  download this Google Earth Place Locator (KMZ File) – CastletonEstate.kmz  (After downloading to your computer, click on the file to open it in Google Earth.)

Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean

Castleton Estate is in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies. Commonly called Dominica (DOM-IN-EE-KA), the island nation is a predominantly English-speaking country that gained its independence from Great Britain in 1978. (It is not the Dominican Republic, which is a Spanish-speaking nation on the island of Hispaniola.)

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View Castleton Estate on Google Earth – Download this Google Earth Place Locator (KMZ File) – CastletonEstate.kmz  (After downloading  to your computer, click on the file to open it Google Earth.)

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